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The Bonded Warehouse

The Bonded Warehouse is a Grade II listed building which sits alongside what is now the end of the Stourbridge Town Arm canal, a few hundred yards from the town centre (the canal was extended across the main road in the 1830's, but the extension was subsumed under the Millrace Lane trading estate in the 1970's).

Constructed in 1779 the warehouse was given another storey and a canal-side extension in 1849. Following the arrival of the railways and later road transport the canal and the warehouse fell into disuse, so much so that one could walk across the weeds blocking the canal without getting wet feet. In the 1960's the canal was saved from the path of the ring road by the Stourbridge Navigation Trust, and after many years' hard work the canal and the warehouse were rescued from dereliction, with the restored warehouse opening in 1986.

The upper storey, where the concerts take place, is spanned by five bays of massive queen-post roof trusses, giving an attractive open and acoustically favourable area which extends into the unusual semi-circular eastern end. The warehouse now hosts many social events: unfortunately for visiting artistes (especially drummers), the Bonded Warehouse has no lift.


Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse

Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse was originally devised by Simon Deeley, a West Midlands-born professional jazz pianist and piano teacher who was living at the time in Stourbridge. Simon considered that the south-west Midlands, especially Stourbridge, could support a series of live mainstrem jazz concerts.

Almost single handedly he ran the concerts which featured musicians not only from the Midlands circuit but occasionally from further afield. The first concert took place in 2004, and after various permutations they coalesced into the now familiar regular series of events at the Bonded Warehouse on every second Friday of the month (with a month off in August). With a few helpers on board the concerts over the years have seen some highly respected artistes visiting the warehouse.

In 2016 Simon moved to Wales and stepped aside from running the concerts: Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse continued with the baton of heading the concert organisation passing to Devon Harrison, a Stourbridge professional singer. To have continuing support for the concerts over so many years is a validation of Simon's original idea, to the point where Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse is now recognised and respected as Stourbridge's premier jazz venue.



Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse does not have charity status and receives no external funding, grants or sponsorship, being entirely dependent on ticket sales. Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse appreciates and is grateful for all the support given by patrons over the years which plays a vital part in encouraging live jazz to flourish in the Midlands.



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